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Open Schematic Capture (OSC) is a set of programs for creating and net listing schematics and doing the corresponding layout. It is intended to be a production grade tool for the design and layout of mixed analog/digital integrated circuits. It is written in Java and uses Java Swing for the GUI, which makes it portable across all operating systems that support a Java Virtual Machine.

Some features are:

A brief introduction to OSC and the environment in which it is intended to work is provided here. A revision history is provided here.

Requirements and Licenses

OSC is open source and uses the GNU General Public License published by the Free Software Foundation. The program and source code are free to down load and use, as long as you adhere to the GNU license.

OSC requires that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed in order for it to run. Java was developed by Sun Microsystems ( now owned by Oracle ). There are open source and non open source versions of the JRE, but all are available for free down load and use.

Sourceforge Project Site

This project is sponsored by Sourceforge and the Project Site link will take you to the project main page on their site (which is probably where you just came from). The Download Page link will take you to the project down load page, where you can get the program.

Screen Shots

Screen shots of the schematic entry tool and project manager are available on the screen shots page .


Comments and suggestions can be sent to openschcapt@gmail.com.

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